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World's Largest Bunny Hop

6.2 Mile Virtual Race (*Limited Community Event)

Spring is in the air and children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny with baskets full of Easter joy. Adorable chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps and creme eggs galore. HOP along with us to England to explore the home of the true Easter Hare.

*A little different than usual: Miles are to be logged between 4/19 and 4/22. So that you have your rewards in hand upon completing the race, we will begin shipping them as they are available. Feel free to open as you see fit. Medal quantity is limited. 

Race medals will sell out for this event.



Hop into the Race


The amount of miles participants have logged toward this awesome race.


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The number of participants that have joined this virtual race.



The number of calories burned by participants of this stellar race.

How Does Yes.Fit Work?

We created a short video to help you visualize what our mobile app and group of amazing Yes.Fit athletes can do.

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testimonial-01 (1) Yes.Fit has given me the drive to push harder than I thought I could, getting to see my miles add up and be rewarded with each race keeps me motivated.

Alicia G.


How does this work?
Sign up, connect a device and log the miles. After each workout, you’ll receive a progress update via email and on your dashboard. Once finished, any selected rewards will automatically ship - usually the same or next business day.

Can I do this from anywhere?
Yes! Anywhere. You can log miles at home after dinner, in the morning before work, from a treadmill, etc. In most Yes.Fit races, you can walk, run, cycle or crawl. There are just a few that do not include cycling.

Do I have to complete all the mileage in one workout?
No. Yes.Fit races are designed so everyone can challenge themselves at a pace and effort level that they are comfortable with. Some people complete events at once, some use them for training, and some use them as motivation to just start moving.

How long do I have to complete the race?
For most races, you can complete them in whatever timeframe is comfortable for you. There are exceptions, like some holiday events. Just check the race description to be sure.

What’s included in the cost?
The cost includes everything. The digital experience, the reward(s), shipping, etc. If the reward is shipped internationally (outside the U.S and its Territories), then there is an additional charge to cover international shipping.